How to register with Whoosh

Registering with Whoosh Care is as easy as 1-2-3! To get started, please click on the Click here to register button. For more detailed instructions, check out the step-by-step instructions and video below.


Step 1

For NEW families to Whoosh Care, click on the 'Click here to register' button. You will then be taken through a registration process to create your My Family Lounge (MFL) account.


Step 2

Log into your MFL account and tell us about you, your child and what bookings you are after so we can help you out.

Please ensure you complete the 'booking request' section on the MFL website and not the enrolment form. Once your booking has been confirmed by Whoosh Care, an enrolment form may be completed.


Step 3

If you have requested permanent bookings, we will come back to you and advise if we have a spot available for your child. If we have a spot, we will email you an offer and ask you to accept the offer and complete and submit the Enrolment form in the MFL portal. Whoosh Care offers new year enrolments from October of each year.

About My Family Lounge

Visit the About My Family Lounge website for more information.

About My Family Lounge